Bikini Season


About four years ago, I scored big time on a couple bikinis from, surprisingly, La Senza.  It was the first time they came out with a swim line and I was stoked.  Since then, they have had no swimwear.  Imagine my (delightful) surprise when I walked in there today to find (ah-ha!) a s|s 2010 swim line!  This might have something to do with Victoria Secret recently buying the company – and I sure am glad they did.  The stuff is gorgeous and the prices are super affordable.  At $19.95/piece, it’s hard not to buy each and every piece! 

I, for one, resisted my urges to purchase many, and picked up one (hot pink) swimsuit with my gift card from AT (birthday gift)!  

              { I’m loving the metallic silver … unfortunately it didn’t love me }

* Don’t forget to check out my online closet – I’ve added a few new items! *


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