I keep my accessories all over the house.  Jewellery and perfume in my bathroom, pashminas, tights and bathing suits in hatboxes, belts hanging on a belt hanger, nail polish tucked away inside my medicine cabinet… you get the idea.  I love seeing how other women organize their accesories so I thought why not give you all a sneak peek inside my own accessory drawers/closet/hat boxes, etc.

Something you might notice is how often I use hat boxes.  My sister started a birthday tradition between the two of us more than five years ago where we give our gift to the other, in a hat box.  I’d never heard of a hat box before this, and was absolutely in love with the idea.  Our mother has a slightly different opinion (‘Another hat box?!’), but it’s tradition, and tradition lives on.  The great thing about it is they are awesome for storing things in, and they are also so pretty to look at.  This year, my sister made my hat box for me, you will see it below with all the bikini’s overflowing from it.

Below I will try to describe (clockwise) what you see in the pictures. 

{ a hat box, two horse-hair boxes, a non-traditional hat box, and a wicker basket }

{ the overflow of belts tucked away in the non-traditional hat box }

{ hats in a hat box – how fitting }

{ my collection of silk scarves }

{ inside the horse-hair boxes: leg-warmers & over-the-knee socks and tights }

{ the rest of the belts that hang on a belt-hanger in the closet }

{ tights in another non-traditional hat box }

{ I have a small love for pashminas }

{ pashminas & tights }

{ more hat boxes up on a shelf, filled with bikinis }

{ earrings, watches, rings & wood-like bracelet drawer }

{ bracelet drawer – plastic, silver, beaded, metal, cuffs, chain, gold }

{ what you didn’t see: leather cuffs stuffed in the back }

{ the ‘in-rotation’ necklaces get hung inside my bathroom cupboard }

{ my favourite nail polish, OPI }

{ sweet scents }


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