Garage Salin’ Haul

{ endless records }

As I mentioned, I headed to one of the largest garage sales this past weekend.  It was a great morning (yes, morning, as we arrived there just before 8am and left just after 11am – and didn’t even see half of it) and I walked away with some really great items. 

{ looks like these guys scored an amoire }

{ lots of people -and dogs- everywhere }

{ amazing jewellery }


{ my maxi dress was dragging so I tied it in a knot }

{ street music }

{ my sis scoping out some records }

{ custom street signs for sale }

{ more jewellery }

{ very successful – that silver bag is packed }

What I got:

{ small mirror with a big frame – I plan on spray-painting this silver }

{ these are clip-on earrings I plan on making into brooches }


{ black fur muff }

{ suede belt }

{ new hand-made headband -and hats- from this one lady, unfrotunately, she doesn’t have a website }

{ silver picture frame }

{ long pearls}

{ nautical brooch}

{ True Religion jeans … for $5!!! – obviously my fave item }


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