Skirting the Issue

Giant Tiger skirt worn as a top (I’ve had this for more than a decade!),

Dynamite blazer (also seen here), Seduction leather jacket (also seen here),

Le Chateau pashmina, Bongo skinny jeans (also seen here), Mossimo flats,

Suzy necklace (also seen here) bangles & ring, Bay white croc bangle

I have developed somewhat of an obsession with flowy tops lately.  I can’t get enough and always want to rock one, whether with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans, it’s the perfect mix between business and casual but pulled together and chic (and of course, oh-so-stylish).  While rushing to get dressed this morning, I saw this old skirt in my drawer.  Something I’ve owned for more than 10  years and something I haven’t worn in probably 5 years.  I decided to throw it on and under the blazer it worked perfectly.  I’m so pumped to ‘add’ another flowy top to my closet.

{ the studded view from the back }

{ last day of wearing flats! }


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