Good News vs. Bad News

Banana Republic dress, Aldo pumps (last seen here) & ring, Loeffer Randall bag,

thrifted silk scarf, Costa Blanca bangle & unknown necklace (bought it on vacation in Orlando)

Well ladies, there is good news and there is bad news.  The good news is that my fiancĂ© is back from his bachelor party in Vegas (phew!).  He’s in one piece, tanned, a home safe.  The bad news?  He broke our camera within 10 minutes of getting off the plane in Sin City.  Ahhhh.

So I get a phone call, the first day he’s there.  He sounds excited and happy; him and the boys (15 of them!) were checking everything out and had stopped to do some shopping.  His voice then turns nervous and he says, ‘I feel really bad though, I have to tell you something… something happened… I did something…’ … I start to panick, thinking, ‘Something happened already?! It’s only been 10 hours!?’  But to my (somewhat) relief, he tells me he broke our camera.  I’m immediately relieved and then almost instantly crushed (which I try to hide with the, ‘Oh, it’s okay, um, we can get a new one… don’t worry…’).  My camera.  Our camera.  My life line.  My blog!!?  All of my friends call me ‘the paparazzi’ because I’m the one in the group always snapping shots, constantly (so much that they are often annoyed – ha!).  Anyways, long story short, that explains the grainy iPhone pictures.  The plan is to go out and look for another camera tomorrow, so, stay tuned my lovely readers.

PS – I just want to send a huge thank-you to all my amazing readers and followers. 

Your comments put a smile on my face, each and everyone of them, thank you! 

Also, as I’ve mentioned to some of you, I’m unable to access blogs

(and if by chance I can, I’m unable to comment) during the day,

but am doing my best to keep up with all of your

awesome blogs in the evening! 


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