DIY Burlap Framed Art

I have recently developped a small obsession with burlap.  It’s textured, it’s cheap and it’s oh-so-trendy right now for home decor.  After seeing multiple DIY projects involving burlap, I hit the fabric store and got myself some for my own DIY. 

This is so simple, so quick, and so awesome.  All you need is a hot glue gun, a frame, a small piece of burlap (to fit your frame) and some sort of embellishment (a coin, ribbon, a bead, a button, etc.  Be creative!).

{ burlap, $4/metre }

{ thrifted frame, $3 }

{ I pulled this ‘coin’ off an old candle }

Cut burlap into size of frame’s window (mine is 3×3)

Using your hot glue gun…

… Attach your embelishment to the burlap

Insert burlap square into frame



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