DIY Denim Cut Offs

When I saw Lena’s post, I was immediately inspired.  While thrifting later that week, I actually came across these awesome (men’s) Silver jeans.  I used to be a total sucker for Silver jeans when I was younger – they were my absolute favourite.  Now, they don’t exactly do much for my body type, but I’ll always have love.  The men’s version, on the other hand, were exactly what I was looking for though: great wash, thick waistband, large back pockets and a fab distressed look … in my size!  The woman at the cash confirmed they were men’s jeans to ensure I still wanted them – ha, that’s why I wanted them!

After washing and drying the jeans, I went at them with the scissors to create the perfect denim cut offs.

The length was still a little too long so…

…I cut ’em shorter

That’s better

Next I cut slits on the sides

Then frayed them up with a knife and scissors along the raw edge

(once they are washed, they will fray more)


PS – I know I’m so behind on all your blogs, and I’m sorry I’ve been a little MIA

(the wedding is sucking me dry … blah blah blah, I know, I know …)


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