DIY Dog Collar

While working on a new sewing project (a top), I was getting frustrated and ready to give up.  I wasn’t ready to retire the sewing machine for the evening, and was trying to think of what I could make and not screw up (ie. end the night on a satisfied note) when Peanut ran by.  As I mentioned, we are dog sitting my family dog for a couple of days.  I thought she defintely needed a new collar, and I got busy.  Here’s what went down.

Start with some slippery fabric (nylon)

(this was the lining from a thrifted skirt – which I specifically bought to take apart)

Cut a strip, about 4 inches thick

Serge the edges so it doesn’t fray (or do a zig-zag stitch as I did)

Fold the fabric and start to sew the ruffle…


Grab some pretty ribbon…

…I sewed two together for a pretty look

Attach the ribbon to the ruffle



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