The Look for Less

{ Christian Louboutin ‘Gazolina‘, $2295 }

I’m  a huge fan of over-the-knee boots and couldn’t contain myself last year and ended up with seven pairs!  A little excesive?  Not necessarily (when you don’t spend a forture).  The trend seems to be sticking too, and looks like this fall we will be seeing a lot more of this style.

Now of course can anything really compare to Loboutin’s Gazolina boots?  Or Louboutins in general?  Probably not, however, if you’re not on a Louboutin budget, you can surely appreciate this Furge version below.  At $33.20, you can afford to be on trend without coming close to breaking the bank!  (Bonus: they possess a pink sole – cute!)

{ Furge, $33.20 }


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