DIY Framed Fabric

I bought these frames from the thrift store not too long ago and planned to use them at our wedding.  However, since they didn’t posess a glass pane, I decided to use them for something to use as decor in our home.  You should have seen these frames when I bought them – so ugly.  They were brownish-gold with the worst picture inside (one was of a woman in the old days, very chubby and ugly and the other a chubby man clutching a shotgun), which I quickly spray painted over.  Once they were dry, I found some fabric and got busy.

The accent colour in our home on the main level is orange, so I used this orange fabric

I used the picture and cut the orange fabric to a square slightly larger…

…then hot glued the fabric to the square

Once glued, it looks like this on the back…

…and like this on the front

Nice, but it’s missing something…

…so I grabbed this gauzy fabric I had to wrap the orange fabric



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