Lust-Have to Must-Have

Hello everyone, this is A & P from 365 Fashion Rehab and we are super pumped to be guest blogging here for Amanda while she’s on her honeymoon!  Congratulations!

Are you trying to be a more conscious shopper? How do you know when the time is right to part with your hard-earned dollars and make a purchase? For some people, it happens in an instant. They see something they like and they dive in head-first. The brave will see something they love, soak it in, and then head home for the night to reflect about the desired item. If they wake up in the morning and are still loving it, out they go, hoping it will still be there. For the insanely brave, that would be us here at 365 Fashion Rehab, we gave it all up for one whole year. When we saw something we liked, we had to wait 365 days to see if we still wanted it. (Now that’s thinking time!)

When it comes to spending, one of the things we learned from our year of “going without” is that timeless purchases really are best, especially when the price is high. Classic styles – wrap dresses, shifts, cardigans, skinny black pants – will last through many seasons. Fortunately this season, classics are back with a bang. We are currently lusting after Camel coats, ladylike, structured handbags, and chunky knits. But don’t forget to save room in your budget (about 20%) for trend driven pieces, too. Faux-fur vests, floral printed pants, fringe handbags, and anything leopard are all so hot right now.

We could go on for days about it, but the basic rule of thumb is that if you can’t afford it, do not buy it. If you have something similar in your closet, do not buy it. If you are on the fence about the trend, then chances are most people are too, and it won’t last long. Don’t waste your money!

Take it from us, we know. How do you think we ended up in Fashion Rehab in the first place?


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