An Embarassing Moment

Mexx dress, Merona cardi, Bamboo flats, Bijoux Terner necklace, Bay bangle & ring & hubby’s watch

I am the type of person that doesn’t embarass easily.  I try to laugh at myself if something awkward happens, make a joke, roll with the punches.  This was one day where I could not avoid embarrassment and it certainly got the best of me.

During my lunch hour at work, I decided to take a walk outside and snap some outfit shots while I was at it.  Being the ever-adventurous person that I am (ha), when I came across this deserted park, I thought it would be perfect.  Well, not exactly.  So as I’m snapping various shots and pulling out all the stops, I decide it would be a good idea to climb onto the little springy seesaw and get a pic (funny, harmless, whatever!  Right?  Wrong!).  As I’m in the middle of trying to balance all the while looking like I’m having fun in anticipation of the self-time, I hear a guy’s voice say, ‘Am I dreaming?’  My neck snaps up to look at this guy, who is about my age, standing about 10 feet in front of me, pretty much in a daze.  He was walking his dog, comes upon me, smiling and laughing (at who?!  Only my camera…) playing on the playground, alone… wow.  I quickly jumped off the seesaw and muttered various things, trying to save face while he asked me if I had any friends and if I always do this… oh and that it looked like fun.  He eventually left, but I’m almost 100% sure I flashed him too.  Wow.  What a lunch hour.

{ having the time of my life, apparently }

{ totally caught red-handed }


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