Fall Scents

 Burberry Brit

When the air turns crisp and the leaves start to change colour, it’s a sign that fall is here.  I like to make the transition into fall by switching it up to my more ‘cool-weather’ perfums.  I’m always drawn to two scents:  spicy for fall/winter, and citrusy for spring/summer.  Of course there are other notes I enjoy, but the latter are often my immediates.  I also find perfume holds crazy nostalgia and sometimes, after a season of wearing a certain scent, you never want to wear it again, or, everytime you wear it, it doesn’t seem right because that time in your life has past and you need something different (too deep?).  However, for me, this is my third fall and when I broke out my two fave scents, I will still as in love with them as the last two years. 

cK IN 2 U

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