Tanning the White Girl

Frankie & Missy top, Urban Behaviour skirt, Wild Diva booties (last seen here),

Smart Set necklace, fiance’s watch & Bay bangle

I’m always baffled when I hear about people still tanning (using tanning beds).  There is so much information and knowledge out there about how terrible it is for you, it’s hard to believe people choose to ignore it in favour of bronzed skin.  Now I’m no stranger to a tanning bed, I did work at a tanning salon (cringe) six years ago and had never been so dark in my life.  And yes, being tanned is a beautiful thing, especially when you’re as fair as I am, it brings confidence, makes you look slimmer and there is almost no unflattering clothing colour.  However, the longt erm effects are not worth it.  I know much better now, and if I could take back the damage I’ve already done, I would because it was pure stupidity.

Now a days, I tan myself with self-tanners (and wear sunscreen every single day).  My favourite is L’Oreal Sublime (which as you can tell, I’m not wearing in these photos) for creating a great at-home tan.  However, I must say, nothing beats a real spray-tan done at the salon.  My fave is the Mystic Tan which a local tanning salon offers and I’m loving. 


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