My Shoe Room

So here it is.  My shoe room.  Yes, we call it a room.  Tucked away in the basement storage room (not necessarily glamourous, but super funcational and not in anyone’s way … and might I add keeps my shoes organized and easy to find) is where I keep my shoes.  When we moved into our house (almost four years ago), my birthday was coming up and my parents asked me what I would like for my birthday.  I told them one thing, “Shelves.  For my shoes.”  They obliged and bought me four eight-foot long shelves, and hubs installed them for me.  Since then, the shelves have multiplied and wrap around the room.  There have been three installments to get this to room to what it looks like today:  (1) putting up shelves  (2) adding more shelves and  (3) shifting shelves closer together to incorporate a fifth shelf plus another wall of shelves.  It really is a dream and I absolutely love it (and do feel very lucky).  Want a tour?

{ while I’m no stranger to heels, a girls gotta have some fresh whites }

{ I’m a huge fan and plan on getting these as my next pair }

{ these are some of my OTK boots, they don’t stand on their own, so I fold ’em }

{ the wedge wall + boots }

{ I’m sure you remember these? }


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