Sunday Dinner

 { rosemary-garlic roasted potatoes }

Sunday dinner usually consists of some sort of take-out: butter chicken, chinese, shawarma… So when husband zipped out this morning and came home with lots of food, I was pleasantly surprised when he said he was cooking up a big meal tonight for us and his buddies (Sunday = Football Day).  Of course, I got roped into helping, but I don’t mind.  We have a little routine when cooking anyways, he does the meat, I do the veggies, it works.  He bought us some amazing (massive) steaks and fresh veggies.  The meal turned out great, the boys enjoyed theirs with their football and me with some Sex & the City.

Dex sweater, Garage tank, Almost Famous jeans & Aldo bangle

Wesc tee & Artful Dodger jeans

 { my BBQ king }

 Bon apetit!


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