Leaving on a Jet … Train

I am such a terrible packer.  The worst.  Usually I just throw half my closet into my suitcase, add six to eight more items, and call it a vacation.  That usually includes items I’ve never worn before, items I haven’t worn in forever (but I’ll certainly want them for my holiday, oh yeah), all my favourites and their favourites.  It’s really ridiculous.  This time, though, I made a pact with myself I would do better.  I would plan.  And plan I did.  I styled all my outfits, down to the accessories and undies and packed away.  Only going for four days, yet, my largest suitcase is quite full (still dealing with terrible-packer-syndrom, to a certain extent.  What?! You can’t expect me to be cured in one trip!).  However, I think I’ve done a fair job… I guess time will tell.  I’m heading out of town to visit my BFF and I’m so excited.  What will this mini-vacation include?  A little sushi, a little salsa, a little shopping and a lot of bonding.  How are your packing skills?



{ yup, had to pack my fave wedges }

{ some furry items I’m taking with me, including my leopard ear muffs }

What you didn’t see:  probably taking these boots or something similar


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