Gap jacket (last seen here), Gap denim jacket (DIY’ed), H&M tank, Le Chateau skirt (last seen here), 

pashmina & socks, unknown boots, Suzy belt, Aldo necklace & Michael Kors bracelet

I seem to be one of those people that others like to strike up a conversation with.  I’m not sure what it is, but it happens all-the-time.  And I’m so ‘nice’ I just go with it, and will end up having full conversations with strangers so as to not be ‘rude’.  What’s up with that?  I mean, if we want to get morbid, typically women can be victimized based on that quality, so it’s always something to keep in the back of your head, but, back to what I was saying… so while shooting this outfit, thinking I was in a fairly desolate place, sure enough an older man comes walking out from behind this building with his miniature dog.  First he looked at me, then he was just plain staring, and by the time he got close he must have felt that urge that people feel when they see me, he just had to strike up a conversation.  He started slewing out facts about what the building I was standing up against used to be (a mink farm), and how much they used to pay in rent monthly ($10k), and how this one family owned it for years (since the 1800’s).  All the while I politely smiled and nodded and acted very interested.  Meanwhile, I was actually freezing as I’d taken off my overcoat at this time and it was only 4 degrees Celcius.  He finally walked away and I jumped back into my heated car and drove off.  Sheesh.


How fab is this green wall?  I was heading to the graffiti wall and this

is on one end of the same building (freshly painted) so I totally took advantage.


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