Old Navy jacket, American Apparel vest, A.Co Designs top, Forever 21 skirt, unknown tights, 

Aldo wedges (last seen here), Joe Fresh necklace & Dynamite belt 

I wasn’t kidding when I said these wedges might take precedent over my current faves – they’ve been getting a ton of play lately.  I’ve only had them for a week and a half and already worn them four times.  If you’ve seen my shoe room, that’s playing favourites for sure.  This was the first time wearing them with the ankle strap and I have to say, quite impressive.  I could run all over the office, up and down stairs, all day long without any slippage.  Perfect! 

In other news, this might just be the world’s tiniest umbrella that-actually-covers-a-full-grown-working-woman.  I love the look of it, it’s adorable with it’s lace trim and the sunny yellow colour is peppy… however, I never understood people’s comments when I’d be using this umbrella.  Asking me if I got it in the child’s department, or if my umbrella was, ‘big enough?’  After seeing these photos, I might just have to get rid of this thing stat.  I look like some sort of wanna-be-child freak.  Look how small the shaft (shaft? stick? handle?) is!  I guess I’m channeling my inner-child.  Yes, that’s it, my inner-child.  From now on I need to start using this umbrella instead… which I DIY’ed myself.


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