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I am a serious saver.  Money?  Not necessarily, everything else?  Yes.  When I buy something, I feel the urge to save it.  Save it for the perfect occassion.  In turn, items will sit in my closet, with the tags on, sometimes for months.  Yes, months.  Can you believe that?  I sometimes can’t either.  However, I do find it extremely satisfying when I finally wear the item and it feels like it’s finally that ‘perfect ocassion’. 

Tonight I was looking for something in my bed side table and what did I find?  Something I’ve been saving.: Easter chocolate.  Easter chocolate!  They were some of my favourites (Cadbury cream eggs, mini Reese’s cups, and more) and I of course didn’t eat them first (I ate the non-favourites first, you know, get those out of the way), I saved them.  For what you might ask?  Oh, I don’t know, for when I really really wanted them… ? And now, here we are, seven months later and you know I’m not going to eat those savings.

Want more?  When I purchase groceries, I almost don’t want to use them.  I mean, of course I want to use them, but when I cook a meal with all the veggies we have, I secretly fear I’m forgetting about a meal the following night I’d like to use them for.  Yes, because I can’t go to the store the next day and get more…? 

Lately I’ve been trying to crush this weirdo habit of mine by simply using things immediately, rocking my new clothes immediately and feeling good about it.    It’s kind of a, before-new-years-resolution.  Do any of you like to ‘save’ things?


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