DIY Bleached Denim Jacket

    Before                                                                                    After

So you want to bleach your denim?  Cool.  Do you have patience?  Even better.  I bought this Gap denim jacket at the thrift store in the spring with the intent of doing this DIY, however, when I got it home I decided I really liked it and didn’t want to change it.  Then, when I saw the photo above on the left from an outfit post, I realized I really didn’t like this jacket as much as I thought and so it went to the DIY pile.  I finally have gotten around to posting this, so sorry for the delay.

Submerge the denim in water until it’s wet all over.  Wring out and place on a flat surface.

Using an old Windex bottle, I filled it with bleach and sprayed the jacket.  A lot.  And when I say a lot, I really mean I ended up pouring bleach onto the jacket because spraying wasn’t doing jack squat.

 I used an old toothbrush to spread out the bleach I poured onto the jacket and brush it into areas.  

I really focused on the seams.  Once dry, I washed and dried the jacket.

Ta-dah!  (more pictures here)


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