Ghetto’ed Blazer

J. Crew blazer (last seen here), H&M tank, Joe Fresh top turned skirt (DIY), Ardene tights, 

Bamboo boots, Urban Original belt, Aldo necklace, Bay bangle & Mexcian bangle

Lovely readers, I did it again: I cut a shirt into a skirt.  I had this Joe Fresh 3/4 sleeve scoop neck top sitting in my closet for a year or two.  I really liked it, I did, it just didn’t like me.  So, during my closet clean out (a couple weekends ago) I was debating what to do with it.  I mean, I wasn’t ready to part ways with it, not by any means, but at the same time, it was getting worn.  It needed a reinvention.  So, with my trusty scissors, I cut a straight line from under the armpit and made it into a skirt.  Oh, and I’m loooving this skirt.  Loving!  Others were loving it too.  The skirt was getting tons of love.  I feel like before I give away any more clothes I must ensure they cannot be cut into skirts, because if they can, well look out.  I mean, looks like I’ll be adding a few more skirts to my wardrobe for free.  And on that note, I have a tutorial/DIY coming on this so you too can make your very own skirt from a shirt – so check back this weekend for that.

So I’m wearing this jacket for probably the fourth or fifth time.  It’s J.Crew, I picked it up at the thrift score, I mean store, and paid like, peanuts (which technically translates to $7).  It was a little big so I put it in the dryer, that helped a bit, not enough, but I just belt it and that makes up for it.  Anyways.  While working away, I don’t know what prompted me to look at my armpit, but I did and what did I find?!  A large hole.  A hole in my sweet J.Crew blazer.  I felt embarrassed.  How many times had I worn this jacket and not realized?!  Had anyone seen?!  No wonder it was at the thrift store!  This must be fixed, I thought to myself, or I’ll have to spend the remainder of the day keeping my arms down (not an easy feat for someone as enthusiastic as me).  I swiftly check the other armpit and sure enough it had a hole too – the exact same size!  So I took the jacket off, pulled out my box of safety pins and totally safety-pinned those suckers shut.  Now if I would just figure out how to thread my new sewing machine I could fix it in a less ghetto way.



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