Home-Made Personal Pizzas

I love pizza.  However, ordering pizza isn’t the healthiest nor the cheapest when you want it on a semi-regular basis (read: once a week or so), so I have come up with a way to have my pizza and eat it too (and not feel guilty).

What you’ll need:

– Greek pita wrap (I like these because they are thicker, but I always get whole wheat or whole grain, etc.)

– Tomato sauce (any kind will do)

– Loads of veggies (my faves include broccoli, olives, tomatos & mushrooms)

– Any kind of grate-able cheese (I like marble)

– An oven, pre-heated to 400 degrees F

 Spread tomato sauce on pitas, layer with veggies and cover with grated cheese

Bake until cheese is bubbly and pita looks done / slightly-crusty

Voila!  (I enjoy mine with hot sauce)


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