Second Chance Skirt

 Dynamite blazer (last seen here), Smart Set top, H&M tank, Joe Fresh skirt, Aldo heels (last seen here), Suzy belt, Swatch watch, Michael Kors bracelet, Elizabeth Emily necklace & gifted BCBG beaded bracelet

While cleaning out my closet on the weekend, I came across this skirt, or should I say tank… yes ladies, that’s right, tank top.  It was a long, stretch cotton tank that I purchased over a year ago and never wore.  I loved it, it just didn’t love me.  It was semi-baggy, but in the wrong places, frankly, just unflattering.  I was about to chuck it when I decided to be experimental.  I chopped off the top part of the tank by cutting a line straight across the shirt, directly under the arm pits.  Voila!  Instant skirt!  It’s actually pretty awesome and I rocked it immediately.

Secondly, do I look tanned?  That could be because when I took these photos I had just come from getting a spray tan.  So in reality, I shouldn’t really look tanned because it takes 6-8 hours for the tan to show up… but I got a (spray) tan a few days earlier, so, I already had colour.  I was also wearing my (signature) beige (large) fishnets too but those are no good to put back on after getting a spray tan… unless you want diamond markings all over your legs in 6-8 hours.

Lastly, see the dust on my shoes?  No?  Well you will when you see the last picture.  That’s from work.  The carpets, I swear, do they vacume those things?!  Whenever I wear any leather or shiny shoes they get covered in dust.  Not a huge deal… except for when you forget to wipe them off and go to take pictures for your blog and they look all dusty… right…



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