Brand New

 H&M blazer, dress & jeans, Bamboo boots, Mexx necklace & Bay bangle

The lobby of the hotel we stayed at during our weekend away was so beautiful I asked my mom to snap these shots so I could take advantage. We stopped at H&M on our way into town and despite packing my ‘party’ outfit, I ended up rocking an entirely new outfit instead.  Enter my new H&M finds.  Jeans.  Dress (worn as a top).  Blazer.  Yipee!

Today is the day my match-making efforts come into play.  I have set up a good friend of mine with someone I work with.  I’m pretty excited they are going out this evening, totally cute.  Who knows what will stem from this, but either way, a fun night for both I’m sure.  I personally have never been set up, have you?

Lastly, I know someone anonymously asked me what these boots looked like IRL on my Christmas Goodies post.  While I’ve worn them quite a bit, I never snapped any shots of them (oops!).  Next time maybe I’ll just twit-pic the request.  Do you follow me on Twitter?


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