Pretty Hair, Nice Belt

Pure by Alfred Sung dress, Dynamite blazer (last seen here), H&M belt (came with this dress), 

Aldo wedges (last seen here), Givenchy tights, Joe Fresh necklace & Sirens ring

Do you ever wear the belt that came with something?  I never do.  Okay, it’s super rare.  This is no exception.  I was itching to pair this navy and white dress with a yellow belt but didn’t have one.  I looked through all my belts and the closest thing was a light lime green belt.  That is until I remembered I had this belt, which I don’t think I’ve ever worn, that came with this dress.  Perfect!  Done & done.

I am seriously itching for warmer weather so I can get back to taking photos outside, this is seriously a tease.

Finally, this dress was purchased on a recently shopping trip with my girl friend.  It’s from Zellers.  Yes, Zellers.  I paid $35 for it, and it’s lined.  Pretty, ‘eh?  And no, that’s not my real hair.

 I wear this blazer a lot but I never roll up the sleeves to reveal the you’re-suppose-to-reveal pattern (stripes).  I just feel like everyone and their mother rolls up their blazer sleeves, that’s ‘the look’ and I don’t necessarily want to be ‘the look’, I want to make my own look.  I made an exception this time because I loved the idea of the two patterns playing with each other (the dress and the stripes).


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