Florida: iPhone Snaps

 Dunkin Donuts ‘Cool Latta’ – I drank a few of these.  We don’t have Dunkin Donuts in Canada and these are way better than Iced Caps from Tim Hortons.  Oh, and btw, that’s a medium.  Love those Americans.

During my trip to Florida, I kept a bit of a photo diary with my iPhone whenever I could.  Sometimes I didn’t bring my camera with me (shocker) or only had a second to snap a quick shot.  I’m missing the warm weather a ton but the snow here is melting and despite temperatures being below zero still, Spring is on it’s way.


Daytona Beach

 The cart from my trip to Ross with my mom.  That store is amazing and we clearly don’t have that in Canada, either.

 A solo evening at the beach.

My favourite beer which often comes 2-for-1 at many restaurants (another fantastic American thing).  The one on the left was from my dinner at the Washington airport on my way home.  Ending my trip and keepin’ it classy: a solo beer and burger.

One morning, during my run, there were tons of seagulls congregated on the beach, just standing around.  I stopped running, pulled my iPhone from my armband and snapped a shot.

 Daytona Bike Week  (psst, spot the dog?)


Various Beach Shots

Clockwise from top left:  (1) Peanut butter M&M’s  (2) Buffalo Chicken Sandwich from Chili’s (my fave)  (3) Side Ceaser Salad from Chili’s  (4) Chips & bean dip from Chili’s  (5) My almost-everyday breakfast, toast with peanut butter and banana and a huge glass of milk  (6) Chips and salsa from El Toucan  (7) My Dad checking out how they make Salt Water Taffee in Daytona Beach  (8) Chicken Enchilladas from El Toucan  (9) Candy Apples in Daytona Beach  (10) Cowboy Burger from AppleBee’s  (11) Steak dinner (which was horrible so I exchanged it for number nine) at AppleBee’s


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