Meet Angie

Hello all.   I am Angie from The Hotness Your Momma Warned You About, and I am here lending Amanda a hand while her life is on the crazybusy train right now.  I’m a 30 eve lady living and loving in beautiful San Francisco and one issue that I always have is taking my day look right into the evening.  

Being a city girl, I walk five miles a day, to and from work, so, I typically lace up my Reebok Easy Tones (not kidding, those things are effective) and bag lady it to work every day (I honestly get the strangest looks while walk commuting to and from my office because I look like that quintessential older working gal wearing her professional gear + sneakers, and I am lugging around 12 pounds of junk).  I work in an industry that constantly has something going on in the evenings or I am meeting up with The Mister or friends right after putting in that 9 to 5.  I am always having to think ahead on what I can wear so that A: My feet don’t kill me come 8pm and B: How can I still look chic and keep warm once the fog in the city starts to roll in.

Today I have styled my favorite sundress in two different ways for you all.



Dress: Anthropologie.  Shirt: Gap. Belt: Express.  Shoes: Jessica Simpson

You can call me “Mortified Mildred” in this picture, because there are about 3 men outside of this frame making comments and a garbage truck drove by and honked.  Ahhhh, the joys of being a blogger.  Also, can anyone tell me if this tactic of cat calling has ever worked for any man? Doubtful.


Dress: Anthropologie.  Belt: BCBG.  Jacket:  Local Boutique Called Ambiance.  Watch: Michael Kors, Men’s Chronograph, stacked with a bunch of cheap-o bangles. Bag: Coach

So, there you have it friends.  How do you style from day to night?  I’d love to know.   Also, don’t judge me on needing a tan…believe it or not, it’s cool all year long here in SF so, ones skin can become damn near translucent.  

Amanda, thank you so much for letting me entertain your readers.  Hopefully, I kept the nutbag to a minimum…but if you like reading nutty rants and musings, stop by and say hi to me on my blog.

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams.



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