Life Before Blogging

I know I’ve talked about the world of blogging before but wanted to touch on it again.  I know for others who don’t blog, it might seem a little superficial, strange and self-absorbed.  I beg to differ, but can see how it can come across as such.  To me, blogging is a creative outlet to share with anyone who cares to read it, but also for myself – almost a personal, electronic diary (that the world can read, so, it can’t be too personal).  Since starting my blog almost a year and a half ago, I’ve met so many fantastic girls within the community, won many amazing things (including make-up, jewelery, clothes & shoes), had a blogger friend send me gifts, been sponsored to host give-aways, surprised myself with some of my DIY’s, and had many people in real life and online tell me I’ve inspired them, helped them or simply that they love coming to read my blog (and that is the most rewarding).

Before blogging I never knew such a ‘place’ existed where I could throw all my mumbo-jumbo thoughts and photos in one place.  I would always, ‘Capture the moments of our lives’ (cheesy, totally, and meant to be) with photographs and then pollute Facebook with said photos.  Sometimes it was a bit much (some people will say blogging is a bit much, but to each their own) and it never felt quite right showcasing a slew of wardrobe picks on my part.  I longed to have some place I could combine all that but didn’t know how or where.  Then I discovered blogs through a friend and another convinced me to start one and the rest, well, the rest is history… or, a year and a half of history.

Do you blog?  If no, have you ever thought about starting a blog?  What would you blog about?  I’d love to hear.

Just a few photos of my ‘Life Before Blogging’…


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