Hair Risks


Thrifted Gap dress (last seen here), Qupid sandals, Old Navy (kids) belt, Joe Fresh necklaces, 

Charles Jourdan bag, Gucci shades, H&M and F21 bangles

Writers block.  Or as I like to call it, Bloggers Block.  What do you do when you suffer from it?  I’ll either ramble or write about something completely irrelevant, or just not say anything at all.  With that said, let’s choose the latter and discuss hair colour.  I am a (mousy) brunette, but clearly you did not know this from my photos as I hide it quite well (yeah right).  Recently, my girl friend suggested I do some sort of major overhaul with my hair (yelp) and I must confess; the thought scares (the shit out of) me.  First off, I love being blonde.  Secondly, after chopping off five inches off my hair almost three years ago (into an asymmetrical bob), I’ve been trying to grow my hair out (and am very reluctant to cut any of it).  Finally, it’s summer, and summer is not the time I want to really switch it up.  However, I might consider something drastic for the fall.  Would you?


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