April Resolutions Recap

Doe & Be top, H&M pants, Aldo wedges (last seen here), Ardene necklace,

Charlotte Russe ring, various bracelets & Gucci shades

Look kids!  It’s the recap of my April Resolutions (finally).  I have to admit recapping on two months worth of resolutions in one month is pretty impressive.  Wait until I give you my August Resolutions – it’ll blow your socks off.  Let’s get recappin’:

1. I used the Crest White Strips and loved them. They definitely whitened my teeth (so much so that people noticed – even strangers). I would highly recommend them ($32 well spent). I used the second level of the strips (whiten for 30 minutes, everyday, for 14 days) and while sometimes I missed a day, it didn’t seem to matter. My teeth did not get more sensitive (I thought they would, and I have sensitive teeth) and they worked.

2. I highlighted my hair and now I’m almost back to needing it done again (which will prompt more highlighting, despite my inner debate).

3. Still haven’t done this but have been driving around with it in the back of my car for over two weeks now (Sharon, please don’t hate me!).

4. I have decided (after all that) to keep my car for a little bit longer. Dream car, take a back seat.

5. I made the clutch, started the skirt and completed the scarf. I also made a trapeze style top.

While taking these photos the other day I couldn’t resist the sweet Canada Geese

that were quacking around.  I had to seize the (Canadian ‘eh) moment and snap ’em up.


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