Recent: iPhone Snaps

* A super old sweater (we’re talking like seven years here people) that although is far too short in the body to rock with jeans nowadays, tucking into a high-waisted pencil skirt works just fine

* Bellini

* BBQ’ed kabobs

* Apple + Cheese (an often daily snack)

* Caesar salad

* Borrowed this book from a friend and it’s surprisingly awesome and interesting.  Different things about ‘male mysteries’, ‘Say this, not that’ sections, polls about real guys and neatly outlined chapters with point-form recap at each closing.  I laughed and learned.  Purchase it for yourself (or a friend) or read a great review on it.

* You asked: typical after-workout-outfit.  


* Supermarket sushi:  I said I would never.  I did.  (And it wasn’t so bad.)

* Summertime fruit.

* Newest thing:  Apple crisp with plain yoghurt (deee-lish).

* No words required.


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