Changing Up My Daily Breakfast

 Dyanmite blazer (last seen here), Old Navy top, H&M skirt (last seen here), BCBG heels (last seen here),

Mexx necklace & various bracelets

Ever wear your clothes backwards?  I do.  Prime example right here.  This top is totally on backwards.  It has a kind of criss-cross strap-thing going on in the front and with the blazer, it was just too much coverage so I flipped it around and voila.

The weekend is getting close, so close I can almost taste it.  I’m heading out of town for the weekend and couldn’t be more excited.  It’s so nice to get away and relax, especially in good company.  I’ve been trying to eat super healthy this week and have even changed up my diet a bit to see if it would make a difference (and so I can super indulge this weekend – ha!).  Normally I eat a 12-grain bagel with peanut butter for breakfast everyday.  This week I’ve been making a brocoli, tomato & cheese egg-white omlette every morning instead (at work, none the less – special thanks to the person who taught me this).  It’s delicious and fills me (and I stay full longer, I think).   I’ve been eating tons of fruit and veggies (but that’s pretty normal for me) and have added chicken to my daily salad I make for myself.  My dinners have been good too (except a little indulgence the other night) with lots of protein (I sound like a health nut – that’s kind of annoying because trust you me, I love me so treats).  Sometimes a little tweaking is good… but then again, next week I might be back to my old ways.

Sidenote:  I may or may not have eaten peanut butter straight from the jar a few times (I’m going through withdrawls!).


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