Parlez-vous français?

 H&M dress (worn as a top, last seen here), Joe Fresh pants & necklace,

Gap wedges (last seen here) & Charlotte Russe ring

Red reminds me of French.  Why, you ask?  I’m not sure why, actually, it just does.  I speak French, technically.  For my job it was a requirement, and I worked oh-so-hard to pass my exams (reading, writing & oral) a few years ago, only to practice less and less and see signs that I’m losing my French.  If you don’t use it, you lose it (popular saying… that sadly seems to be holding true in my case).

I started learning French in grade 1 and took it every year from then on until I graduated high school.  Typically, after grade 9 you can drop the French course, but I continued (one class per year) in order to (hopefully) maintain.  It provided somewhat of a base for me, but when the pressure to get a permanent job was put on me, pressure that relied on my language skills, it felt as if I’d never spoken a day of French in my life.  The stress was enormous; I was doing ten hours per week of language training (via night school, a private tutor, and a semi-private tutor) and there were definitely bouts of tears.  However, in the end (aka four months later), I passed my exams and got to stay in my job (and move up eventually).

Do you speak any other languages?  When did you learn?  Did you struggle like me?


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