Holding a Baby

I’m not really a baby person.  Does that sound bad?  It’s true. I’m not
one to ooh and ahh over a baby, coo at them or really take any interest
in them.  It always felt awkward, and weird, like I just didn’t get it
I sometimes felt weird being a girl who wasn’t into babies.  I’ve never
been one to yearn for a child or wish away my freedom (aka
baby-free life) too soon for a baby, and while I would like that someday, not just
yet, please. 

However, that is slowly changing.  Instead of feeling
‘meh’ about babies, I’m starting to really like babies.  I even request
to hold them when they are around and I like to make those silly noises
and talk in that elevated voice.  I’m even quite comfortable holding a
baby, whereas before it was total awkwardness.  And while I’m no where
near to being close to wanting my own, I’m kind of digging babies
lately.  How do you feel holding a baby?

* That cutie that I’m holding above is the reason I attended a baby shower back in the spring.  Isn’t she adorable!?



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