Easy Breakfast Sandwich

The other (weekend) morning, in a semi-rush to get out the door, but a desire to not spend money on breakfast, I whipped up these breakfast sandwiches.  Easy, healthy, and cheap.  I used what was in the fridge, so feel free to improvise with what you’ve got.


* Bread for toasting

* 3 eggs

* Ham

* Spinach

* Red onion

Heat a bit of olive oil in a skillet.  Saute your chopped onion.  Crack your eggs and poke the yokes.  Add ham and spinach and let the bottom of your egg mixture cook. 

When the top is fairly firm (not very runny), split your egg mixture into two or four (depending how good your flipping skills are) and flip.  

Toast your bread.

Remove egg mixture (fully cooked now) from skillet, place on toast, add ketchup/mayo/whatever-your-lil’-heart-desires, and top with other piece of toast.

(Wrap in tin-foil if it’s to-go &) enjoy.


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