Christmas Stress


I have Christmas stress.  

Okay, it’s not terrible, as my shopping is all done, but the wrapping. 

Oh the wrapping.  

It’s haunting me.  Taunting me.  And it’s getting later and later with each minute.  I have to do all my wrapping tonight.  I slacked off last night (but did finish my shopping) on the wrapping as I promised I’d do it tonight.  

And now, here I am, totally procrastinating.  

On top of that I need to make a quiche for tomorrow’s work potluck and some peppermint bark to give as gifts.  I figured taking several minutes to post about this, instead of getting busy, would be the smart thing to do.   Wish me luck.


I’m all done my wrapping.  The quiche is made.  There is no peppermint bark (oh well, it was the lowest priority).  I’m exhausted.  It’s only taken four hours.  Phew.


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