Lost ‘n Found

 Gap jacket (last seen here), Grace Elements top, Urban Behaviour sweater (cut in half to be a cardigan, last seen here), Forever 21 skirt, Guess heels (last seen here), Givenchy tights, Suzy belt & necklace, Club Monaco scarf, Dollarama sunnies & Auslini bangle

Monday is back again.  The weekend was good though, so let’s hold onto those memories.  My weekend involved take-out times two, moving relatives, an attempted movie, an open house & time spent with my favourite people.  Oh, and and I washed my bedding.  Mmmm clean bed sheets, don’t you just love that?

A high light of my weekend goes something like this:  I thought, for a few weeks now, that I had lost my (only) pair of designer sunglasses I’ve ever owned.  I’ve had them for less than a year, and wear them every. single. day.  Love them.  I’m not really one who owns much designer stuff either, so this is kind of a huge deal, you guys (after I discovered them missing, I bought the Dollarama sunglasses on my face you see above.  See?  Not owning a lot of designer stuff over here).  


I have been pretty upset since that fateful day I opened their beautiful case to find them not there.  I was so diligent too, always using the case, always keeping track of them, how could I let this happen?!  I searched high and low, but kept it on the DL because I’m ashamed.  How could I lose something so small yet so expensive?  

So Friday night I’m at my parent’s place in their garage, and only by fluke was I on the phone and didn’t go inside just yet, when I looked up to see my Gucci shades sitting on the a shelf!  What!?  All this time!?  It was like the angels came down from the heavens and sang to me.  Okay.  Not quite, but I was pretty damn excited.  And relieved.  And I can tell you all this now because they have been found.  When I went inside my parent’s were all nonchalant like, ‘Oh ya, we forgot to tell you they were left here a while back…’ but then again, my mom has no idea what Gucci is.


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