My Christmas Wish List

A watch I’ve been covetting for almost two years.

Week 3 of the no-nail-biting ‘project’  |  I wear my hair like this far too often

Christmas is around the corner, and every year, my Mom asks me to put together a wish list of items I’d like to receive.  This doesn’t mean I will get them all, but it’s helpful for the shopper and exciting for the receiver to potentially get something they really, really want.

I’ve listed a few of the things I’ve included on my list, and a few that weren’t (pssssst, the Etsy ones!) but are beautiful none the less.  What you won’t find on this list are expensive, unrealistic wishes (except the watch, it’s pricey), simply affordable items from accessible stores.

Merry Christmas!

* A watch I’ve been covetting for almost two years. 

* Pretty unique bangle (in gold).

* This is a black handbag I actually like (not an easy feat).

Wedges I already own in another colour.

* A sweet dress in one of my favourite colour combinations.

* This cute but cheeky topper.

* Something polka dotted.

* Metallic.  Silver.  Pants.  ‘Nuff said.
Blush I’m too cheap to buy.
Feathered pillow.

* A mannequin bust form.  Anyone have a great link for one of these?

And, my favourite Etsy finds:

A beautiful long dress that is made to order so it could be long enough for me.

I love a good blazer (and this is custom).

Turquoise & gold.

Striped clutch.

An affordable rough diamond ring and another one that is channel set.

A cute topless winter hat.

Chunky knit cowl scarf (and that’s the exact wording I used to search it)…

…and a softer version from the same seller.


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