Recent Purchases: Products I Love

I wanted to do a quick product review on a few (drugstore*) products I’m loving that I recently picked up.

NYC ‘Smooth Skin’ Loose Face Powder

Love. This. Powder.  It’s the second time I’ve bought it and I love it.  I think this is just a loose powder, but I like to use it as a setting powder for my foundation or as a light bronzer.  I haven’t used many loose powders before so I can’t compare, but I love that this doesn’t have any sheen or sparkle to it, it’s matte; goes on and stays that way.  Another great part?  It’s $2.67.

Wet ‘n’ Wild ‘ComfortZone (738)’ Palette

I purchased this after seeing YouTuber LolaMarie using it multiple times (and it just looked so good).  It was $3 so I figured I couldn’t go wrong.  And I was right.  I’m super picky with eyeshadows; favourites being NYX and MAC (I also like Mark by Avon & CoverGirl).  FYI I cannot stand Maybelline eye shadow (not enough pigment transfer).

After using this palette just once, I’m hooked and wish it came in more varieties (they are three different palettes to choose from).  There are a total of eight eye shadows per palette and they have handy words written in the shadows (eg. brow bone, crease, etc.) in case you’re like me and unsure where things are ‘suppose’ to go.  The lasting power is great and only after a sweaty workout at the end of the day, was my shadow creased.


Fructis ‘Hold & Flex: Body Boost’ Hair Spray (level 5)

I’m a huge TrèsSemmé fan so when I ran out last time, I initially went to the store to pick up my regular can.  However, it wasn’t on sale and this kind was (half the price of TS), it smelt pretty good so I figured why not.

I have used it a few times and love it so far.  It’s a pretty heavy spray (compared to TS’s ‘fine mist’) but doesn’t goop and get really sticky or stiff.  The scent is great (slightly floral) and it has great holding power.  I will definitely buy this again.

Revlon ‘PhotoReady’ Foundation

I love this foundation.  I initially purchased it about a year ago when PharmaPlus had a 50% off sale.  Since I was new to using foundation, I wasn’t ready to spend almost $20, but I was willing to spend half that.  I ended up getting the ‘Nude (004)’ shade which turned out to be a little be on the light side for me (especially if I’m trying to add some colour to my face), but mixed in with a slightly darker shade of foundation (Maybelline ‘Instant Age Rewind’ in ‘Sandy Beige (1)’), it worked out okay.  I was excited to see another 50% off sale and snatched up the next shade up, ‘Natural Beige (005)’.

Something about this foundation that I love is that it’s creamy and not too thick.  It covers well, but depending on the amount you use, it can go from a light to medium coverage foundation.  I find it really lives up to it’s ‘Photo Ready’ name as I feel like it smooths out my skin and makes it look much more even.  I like to use this alone or mixed in with another foundation to give it lasting power.

* I mainly buy all my make up from the drugstore/Walmart.  I just have a hard time spending a small fortune on make up (I’d rather buy shoes) especially when you can buy something like the Wet ‘n’ Wild palette above for $3 bucks and be so darn happy with it.

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