Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

My weekend was really good, it was filled with food (tons of it), a movie (Moneyball), sleeping in times two, late nights, more food, organizing, and spending time with favourite people.  Oh, and I got some laundry done; four of seven loads, which means there is still more.

1.  My sister’s puppy is getting bigger.

2.  Late night snack sesh.

3.  &  4.  My grandparents gave me this gold mirror, I (spray) painted it silver.

5.  &  6.  Food at my sister’s place for wedding DIY Saturday (her fiance made the caramel-covered-pretzels. What! I know.)

7.  Twinsies!  (total fluke)

8.  Putting my new lacquered boxes into action.



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