Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

1.  Friday night I celebrated my birthday with some girlfriends and one of my besties got me this cake!  More on the celebration to come.

2.  Newly thrifted necklace.

3. & 4.  New neon polishes.  Love love love.

5.  Home made pasta (chicken, shrimp, asparagus, red pep & a rose-style sauce).  Or you could try spaghetti.

6.  Greek apps (not home made).

7.  Making the home made pasta.

8.  My ‘laundry’ purse (I used this everytime I do laundry; fits my SmartCard, my phone & keys, plus it’s cross-body and small so it’s perfect).

9.  My front foyer is tiny but my dining room is tinier (since it’s half a walk-in closet as well), so I found a place for two of the four chairs and made a make-shift bench by my front door.

10.  My new shoe rack (I know, it’s not full but that’s because there are shoes in various places around my apartment, not just this rack).

11.  Pretty Sunday night sunset (yay Daylight Savings!).

12.  Hung this above my linen/make-up/accessories closet (a gift from my sis).

13.  Sunday shopping day outfit.

14.  New F21 shorts.


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