DIY Painted Bookshelf: Before & After

Before & After

As my grandparents prepare to sell their home, they are slowing cleaning it out.  They have us family over frequently to go through things and pick out items we might like to have.  There have been several trips over there and several scores made, thanks to their generosity. 

On my most recent visit, as I was looking around the basement, I saw this very old, powder blue book case that was housing stacks upon stacks of paper.  I stood there staring at it, envisioning what it could be, but wondering if I would actually take the time to DIY it or if it would just be another, ‘I’m going to do this-project’ that gets put in storage (or a box!).  I ultimately decided it would be a great storage solution for my small apartment and that I would make something of it.

I asked my Poppa if I could take it home and he looked a little stunned.  Pointing to the bookcase he said, ‘This thing?  You want this?’ and I smiled and nodded.  Turns out, my great-grandfather built it decades ago and it was handed down; making this piece even more covetable, family history.  He emptied all the papers from it shelves, dusted it off and I managed to pack it into the trunk of my car.  I got to work almost immediately sanding it down and painting black (a can of paint I already had) and after a couple coats and some touch-ups, she was ready for decorating!  

I have to say I’m pretty pleased, the overall project took about three hours and the end result is so worth it.  When I showed my grandparents the pictures you see here, they couldn’t believe it and seemed quite pleased with my project; I certainly am.


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