Internet Rant

Outfit deets: 

* Talbots top which I purchased in Florida at TJ Maxx for $14.99 and seen here in my shopping recap post

* Bongo pants which I have owned for at least three years and am finally wearing them… last seen here with booties and here with stripes.  I seriously didn’t wear these for years, they sat in my closet, brand new and I remember thinking, ‘I love these pink pants, but they are a little”out there” for me to actually wear’.  In fact, I thought that as I purchased them, but boy oh boy am I glad I did!

* Aldo wedges which are from 2007 but my second pair as they went on super sale at the end of the season so I scooped up another pair (hence why these look practically brand new; they are!).  I used the first (well worn) pair for a cool studded DIY project (you can see them here in action).

* Jewelery:  Auslini bangle which was a birthday gift last year from a friend that is my favourite, Pandora bracelet and a ring from The Bay.  

I’ve been having some serious Internet issues.  So serious I haven’t posted in two days which frustrates the hell outta me.  Wah wah. 

But seriously, my blogger account has run out of juice…er…space to hold photos (has this happened to you?!) and now I have to use Flickr, which isn’t that bad except I can’t seem to upload my photos to Flickr when I’m at home… and I can’t do it from work because, hell-o, I’m working (and the the site is blocked) so it’s been very frustrating.  

On top of that, the Internet connection I have been pirating in my apartment building has recently been locked and (woe is me) I have been forced to get a connection of my own.  I’m using my iPhone to tether the connection to my laptop and as it turns out, the connection isn’t what you would exactly call lightening speed.  

However, I can’t complain as it is faster but I can complain about Blogger, Flickr, my lacking graphic design skills and the weather (I know you melted all the snow, Mother Nature, and you’re awesome but could you send some warm weather this way, please?).

Rant over.

A couple fun Instagram shots below.    …because I’m obsessed.


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