Neon+Neutral Nails

I love love love the neon trend for Spring and can’t wait to rock it through items I already own (pashmina, skirt and shoes) and maybe purchase a couple more.  If you’re a little apprehensive about neon, nail polish is a great way to ease your way into the trend.  

I recently picked up two China Glaze nail polishes at Sally as they were on sale, two for $5.  I’ve worn the pink a couple times but had yet to rock this neon yellow (Celtic Sun #1015), but after seeing the inspiration photo below, I knew exactly what I wanted to do!

To complete this look, after applying a clear base coat and letting it dry, I taped off my nails with Scotch tape on an angle.  I painted two coats of the silver (Revlon’s ‘Silver Screen’ #918) and left it to dry for a good 30 minutes.  Then I peeled the tape off, gently, and very carefully coloured in the other part with the neon and it’s regular brush.  The edges aren’t perfect (hello shaky hand) but still came out pretty great.  I did two coats of the neon and my only qualm is that it’s not the thickest solution (I found this with the pink too) and going over it many times with the brush creates almost ‘bald patches’.  I let it all dry for another 30 minutes and then did a top coat which smoothed out the whole thing.


The inspiration


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