Reading Blogs + New Shoes

It’s a quarter to one on a Saturday night and I’ve been perusing blogs
for a solid hour or more.  What is it about peering into someone else’s
life that is just so fascinating?  And discovering a new blog you
immediately ‘click’ with?  Nothing compares. 

The thing I love about blogging and reading blogs is that (1) it’s
totally, 100% free, (2) it’s enjoyable and gives you a sense of ‘feel
good’ feelings, and (3) it’s something to do (to kill time, to enjoy
your solo time, or whatever you fancy).

Tonight I have been reading everything from vegan raw cookie dough
(I’m not vegan), favourite cleaning products and tips (and tricks), how sliding down a playground slide with a child in your lap can cause a
broken leg (to the child.  I don’t have kids, btw), marriage+sex, how to style rubber boots with
outfits and more.  


I love the vast variety of blogs that attract my
attention and although I love fashion, I think I love even more a more
‘lifestyle’ approach to blogging because it feels like you get to know
the person on various levels as opposed to just their style.  Now, don’t
get me wrong, I love carefully pouring over photos of stylish dressers
alike, being inspired and in awe at times too, but I love more than just
that.  Know what I mean?

ps – those shoes up there have absolutely nothing to do with this post except I purchased them on the weekend and am completely obsessed (as that tends to come with the territory of purchasing new shoes).  I kind of passed them by when I was looking at the shoes in the store and grabbed another pair to try on.  When I asked the girl to get my size, I noticed she was wearing the above shoes and they just looked so. cute. on. so I asked her to grab my size in those as well, what the heck!  I loved them but choked a bit on the price so put them on hold.  After a sleepless night (kidding.  sort of.) I decided they needed to be mine and went back.  I’m making tassels my thing.


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