A Long Walk

Sometimes when I don’t feel like hitting the gym after work I’ll go for a power walk with my girl friend and her pooch.  Since she lives close by, it’s perfect.  Yesterday we went on our longest walk yet, over 7km (the last kilometre was a run for me as we got to her place first and I went the rest of the way home solo).

We went through trails, beautiful parks and saw gorgeous scenery.  I, of course, took the opportunity to snap a couple photos while we were out.  The weather is getting so beautiful, it’s nice to be able to spend time outdoors again without having to bundle up (or rush back indoors)!

During our walk my girl friend said she had a ‘challenge’ in mind for us and she’d let me know once we arrived at said challenge.  Turns out it was a super steep hill and the challenge was to run up it as fast as we could.  It didn’t look too steep from the bottom but once in it, it was steep!  We huffed and puffed and raced up the hill and once we got to the top, we sat on a small rock wall to catch our breath and turned around; the picture above was our view.

All photos taken with my iPhone 4S.


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