DIY Leather Ankle Cuff / Strap

I have been ogling the Isabel Marant’s Gava heels for a while now but they aren’t in the budget.  I love the thick ankle strap and decided to make my own.  Here’s how I did it:


* Faux leather or vinyl (find this at your local craft/bead store or cut up an old flimsy belt)

* Velcro

* Scissors


 Cut your faux leather as thick as you’d like. After cutting one, trace the other and cut.

Measure around your ankle to ensure the length is good.

Measure out your velcro pieces, just slightly less wide than your strap.

Attach the rough pieces of velcro to the outside of your leather.

Attach the fuzzy side to the underside.


If you have straps already on your shoes, you could wear both together for a different look…

Or cut some suede cord and wrap it around…

Don’t forget to try pairing your new leather ankle straps with various shoes…


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