DIY Maxi Skirt

Sydney from The Daybook  |  My creation

Inspired by Sydney’s look above (and realizing I couldn’t order that exact skirt; too short for me), I pondered if I could make my own maxi skirt.  Not a stranger to sewing (I’ve made a top, a dress, and a few other things), but certainly not a pro, I headed to my local fabric store in search of some pink jersey.  

Jersey is an ‘expensive’ fabric, for what you’re getting at least (c’mon, it’s like t-shirt material), but it’s my favourite fabric to work with as technically, you don’t have to finish the edges as it will simply roll and never fray, it holds it’s shape and (almost) never snags as you sew.

I found some pink jersey for $20/meter and asked one of the women working there to help me measure against myself.  My specifics were simple: long enough for me and my 4-ish-inch heels with a folder over band.  She cut me about 1.5 meters and it was the perfect amount.

I didn’t document my steps extremely well, but follow the captions and it’s actually quite simple.  This took about two hours and I banged it out in one evening. 


* Hold the fabric up length-wise at the store to ensure what you’re cutting is long enough.  For reference, I’m 5’11 and we did 1.5 meters.

* I laid out a maxi dress I own and traced the skirt portion, generously leaving an extra 5 inches or so on one side.  I also started my tracing about 6 inches down from the top of my fabric (to account for the fold over waistband).  I initially pinned it in a waved look, hoping it would cling to my butt better and flare out (like a fit ‘n flare style) but learned that you can simply pin straight down.


* After sewing the fabric together to create a seam down the back of the skirt, I would try it on, discover it was too big, re-pin, sew, try on, etc.  Keep doing this until you are satisfied with the fit.

* Then I sewed a 1 inch hem around the bottom.


* In the left shot you can see the additional fabric at the seam on the back (I’m wearing the skirt inside out).  Once you are satisfied with the fit, you can cut this off.

* The right shot is a shot of the skirt head on, sewn hem and the fold-over waistband (which I did not finish with a seam, simply folded it and left the edge raw.



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