Shopping with a List: Do or Don’t?

Outfit deets:

* Joe Fresh top (new!).

* Parasuco jeans (via Marshalls) which I’ve worn considerably, but not yet on the blog.

* Payless heels which are new-ish and have been worn with a purple dress (what is it with these shoes and purple!?).

* Accessories: vintage necklace, A.Co Designs charm bracelet & Old Navy bangle.

Do you make lists for when you shop?  Or perhaps, make a note of certain things you’re looking for?

I don’t.  I just go where the retail therapy takes me, however lately, while clothes shopping, I have been on specific hunts for certain items.  Lately I’ve noticed some gaps in my closet (is that possible?) and have been narrowing my search down.  

Things I have been shopping for lately:

* More purple (specifically: lavender skinnies)

* Tops with sleeves (like the one I’m wearing)

* Maxi skirts

* Skirts for the office that are longer

* Shoes with a lower heel

It’s interesting as I can certainly see why I ended up with so many sleeveless shirts (and so few with sleeves), as I tend to grab for those first.  I find though, with a list (in my head, at least), I am more apt to focus on what I’m looking for, versus simply buying because it’s beautiful.



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